CA 2 Laboratory Thermopile



  • Sensitive to radiation 0.2 – 50 µm
  • Total field of view of 20 º
  • Very suitable for control or demonstration

With thermopile CA2 radiant fluxes can be measured. It is sensitive to radiation from 0.2 to 50 µm, and has a total field of view of 20 º. The field of view is determined by cylindrical brass housing, that contains a conical reflector and a removable glass window.

The thermopile is very suitable for control (ovens) or demonstration (schools) purposes and can be used for reference-measurements.

The CA2 contains a thermopile detector that has a spectrally non-selective black coating. Therefore, the detector responds to the total power absorbed.

The thermopile output is a voltage that is proportional to the radiation that is received.

Irradiance measurements are easily affected by convection and thermal radiation losses to the environment. Therefore a glass window can shield the detector. By using this window, the spectral range is limited to 0.3 to 3 µm.

The thermopile is delivered with a calibration certificate.