CM4 Pyranometer



  • Heat resistant instrument design
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Excellent temperature dependency

The Kipp & Zonen CM4 High Temperature Pyranometer is a radiometer specially designed for measuring solar or artificial light irradiance under the most extreme temperature conditions.

With an operating temperature range of -40 ºC to +150 ºC and measurement up to 4000 W/m² it is a unique product. All the radiometer components are specially selected for their ability to withstand these extremely high temperatures and irradiance. The CM4 is supplied with a 10 m high temperature signal cable fitted to the instrument.

The CM4 High Temperature Pyranometer has internal first-order temperature compensation, but it is also supplied with a built in Pt-100 temperature sensor to provide additional information on the measurement conditions. Monitoring the temperature during operations allows easy data correction afterwards for improved measurement accuracy.

CM4 is supplied with a calibration table that gives the instrument sensitivity for a number of measurement temperature ranges and the maximum error in the measured irradiance values within each range.

The screw-in drying cartridge is easy to remove and the replacement desiccant is supplied in convenient refill packets.

Spectral range (50% points) 300 to 2800 nm
Sensitivity 4 – 10 µV/W/m²
Response time < 8 s
Zero offset A < 4 W/m²
Zero offset B < 15 W/m²
Directional response (up to 80° with 1000 W/m² beam) < 20 W/m²
Temperature dependence of sensitivity (over any 50 °C interval in the range from -20 °C to +150 °C) < 3 %
Operational temperature range -40 °C to +150 °C
Maximum solar irradiance 4000 W/m²
Field of view 180 °