Datalogger DLN



The DATALOGGER DLN is a LOW-POWER measuring system for acquisition and storing of measuring data of different precipitation sensors.

• Up to 1 year data storage
• THIES Distrometer (LPM) connection
• SD card and USB connection
• Sensors for temperature and humidity    connectable
• Charge controller integrated for solar    panel

The Datalogger DLN records pulse-measuring-values from at most 2 precipitation sensors. A PT100 sensor and a humidity sensor can be connected, too. The instrument stores the data together with time and date, according to the set storage cycle.
In addition, or exclusively as well, the measuring data of a THIES Disdrometer with serial data output (LPM 5.4110.xx.xxx), can be recorded and stored.
The readout of the stored data is carried out directly via the RS232 interface, USB, or by an SD card. All essential parameters, such as date, time, station name, and storage cycle can be set via 3 buttons.
The instrument can be operated in mains-independent mode with battery supply. An integrated charge controller is suitable for the direct connection of a max. 20 W solar-panel.
Another feature is the potential-free extraction of precipitation sensor pulses via opto-coupler, such as for further processing via local control systems.
The Datalogger DLN is designed for indoor installation. In case of outdoor application an additional protective housing of a respective protection class is required.

Order-No. 5.1756.00.000
Technical Data:
Operation voltage 24 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, 0,5 A
    Battery* 12 V DC, 7 Ah
    Solar panel* Nominal voltage 15-18 V, max. 20W
Power consumption 0,1 … 2 mA
Measuring value inputs 2 x Reed contact/pulses
serial-asynchronous RS 485
1 x temperature PT 100
1 x rel. humidity 0-1 V
Accuracy 0.1 % or resp. 0.1 °C
Measuring value outputs 2 passive opto-couplers (max. 24 V, max. 1 mA)
Measuring cycle analogue values 1s … 60 min. settable
Storage cycle 1 … 60 min. settable
Time basis RTC real time clock with
leap year recognition
Storage capacity 64 KB (Flash, uploadable)
    Data 4 MB (Flash)
    Data records 303104 (with 4 sensors) 147456 (with 10 sensors)
Data output Seriell RS232 USB 2.0 full speed device SD-Card up to 2 GB
Operating temperature -30 … +60 °C
LC display 2 lines of 16 characters
Mounting Snap-in mounting on standard rack 35 mm
Connection Clamps
Protection IP 20
Dimension 157 x 86 x 58,5 mm
Weight 0,7 kg