The portable analyser E1-ANALYZER is an innovative instrument suitable for measuring easily, quickly and precisely the fume and gas emissions in industrial plants. It allows to determine the concentration in volume of oxygen (O2) in accordance with the EN 14789 (reference methods paramagnetic) and to observe the carbon dioxide (CO2) by the use of a NDIR sensor for the calculation of the density in the gaseous sidestream flow. It’s possible to provide the analyser with sensors for the measurement of the necessaries pressure to calculate the velocity and the flow (EN ISO 16911-1).

oxygen sensor O2 0-25% (PARAMAGNETIC, EN 14789)
• carbon dioxide sensor CO2 (NDIR) 0-25%
• cooling system with peltier cells with automatic moisture discharge
• independent pressure sensors (optional): differential, static and barometric (UNI EN 16911-1)
• data memory, incorporated printer and usb host port
• size and weight: 380 x 240 x 320 mm – 9 kg