The portable analysers of the EMICHECK series are suitable to easily, quickly and accurately detect and monitor the emissions of fumes and gases generated by the different combustion processes. You can insert 4 to 7 sensors, choosing among: O2 – CO – NO – NO2 – SO2 – CxHx – CO2 – CO2IR. The sensors used for gas detection are of electrochemical type, except for those used to detect the Total Hydrocarbons and the Carbon Dioxide, which are respectively a catalytic thermistor and an IR (infrared ray) sensor.

  • calculations complying with UNI 10389.
  • permanent memory, built-in printer and Host USB port for data downloading
  • logging of average and peak values referred to oxygen percentage and combustion data
  • software for sensor calibration and check
  • peltier cell cooling system with automatic release of the condensate
  • dual power supply: 230 Vac / 50 Hz – internal batteries