The LIFETEK 55 XP-R sampler has been designed in accordance with standard UNI EN 12919. This feature makes it suitable for the execution of sampling operations complying with the European directives on occupational health and safety (Law Decree 81/2008). In fact it can be used for constant flow rate sampling in INDOOR/OUTDOOR environments and EMISSION isokinetic sampling.

  • double head membrane pump (4 m3/h) with high head
  • operating range: 1 ÷ 50 l/min
  • electronic system for AUTOMATIC load loss compensation
  • dedicated software in compliance with UNI EN ISO 16911-1 / UNI EN 13284-1 / ISO 9096 for:
    • CONSTANT flow environmental sampling
    • SEMI-AUTOMATIC isokinetic sampling (manual entry of the duct parameters)
    • AUTOMATIC isokinetic sampling (automatic duct parameters detection)
  • interface for connection with the ISOCHECK to sampler
  • dual power supply: 230 Vac – 50 Hz and external 24 Vcc batteries (not included)