M 10



Original technical innovation of humidity sensor providing enhanced performances of humidity measurement.
New generation 12 channels GPS Board offering almost immediate initialization time.
Automatic frequency setting through infrared communication link.
Single Electronic board design with low energy consumption allowing longer in-flight battery life.
Reduced dim. : 95x95x88.5 mm.
Light Weight : 150g (incl. batteries)
Flexible radio antenna.
Authorization of launch directly indicated on the radiosonde.
Full compatibility with our Robotsonde system.


Differential GPS with C/A code altitude
Altitude not limited
Position accuracy : 10 m
Horizontal wind accuracy : 0.15 m/s
Wind direction accuracy : 1
Position resolution : 0.01 m
Horizontal wind resolution : 0.01 m/s
Wind direction resolution : 0.1
Measurement frequency : 1 Hz


Sensor type: Capacity
Measurement range: 0% to 100%
Resolution: 0.1%
Absolute accuracy: 5%
Response time: < 2s
Measurement frequency: 1 Hz
Ground calibration
Measurement channel calibration: Stored in EEPROM


Measurement range : 1100 to 3 hPa
Accuracy : 1 hPa at surface; 0.1 hPa at 60 hPa
Resolution : 0.1 hPa


Sensor type :Thermistor
Measurement range 60C to -90C
Resolution 0.01C
Absolute accuracy : 0.5C
Response time < 2 s
Measurement frequency 1 Hz
Ground calibration Possible
Measurement channel calibration Stored in EEPROM