Meteo-Online is a software which records, documents, and displays data from meteorological measuring instruments. The visualization of the data is carried out in graphical form as diagram and/or text. The user has the possibility to place the display-elements free on the screen, and to store them. The operation of the program is context-sensitive, i.e. when pressing the right mouse-key while the cursor is on a window, menus are indicated, which allow specific settings. The main menu contains only a few elements which are necessary for a global control – among others, for example, the storing of a project.
Thanks to this method it was possible to make out a program easy to use. In addition to the control elements of the surface the program offers the possibility of documenting data in the files. Meteo-Online offers several options for starting and configuring the archives. It is possible to record hours as well as day’s files with selectable averaging times.
An additional data monitor offers the possibility to control all measured values. With the help of clear input masks you can enter as much limit-values as you like. In case of exceeding the limit values alarm massages are generated, e.g. acoustic signals, and the sending of E-Mails (Condition for the sending of E-Mails is Microsoft Outlook ®) In addition, the alarm messages are documented in a file.

Meteo-Online is internally divided into two programs:

  • Server
  • Visualization
  • These are two independent programs interchanging data. The server’s task is here to process the data from the connected instruments, to document them, and to hold them available for visualization (client). The visualization, on its part, queries cyclically the data from the server, and represents them in graphical form.
    This concept has the following advantages:
    The server is able to document data without visualization.
  • The server is able to administrate several terminals at the same time (limited only by the number of physical interfaces).
  • Server and visualization can run on different computers in a network
  • Several visualizations can access simultaneously to one server.
  • The server is started automatically on booting the PC, and documents the data in the background
  • The visualization is started only on request.

A symbol in the system tray (down on the right screen-border) indicates that the server is being active. It shows a cloud with rain and a flash of lightning. If you run the mouse over this symbol a text appears “THIES Online Wind Server”. The right mouse-key makes a context-menu appearing where you can close the server, or make settings.
The following versions are available:

Meteo -Online 9.1700.98.000
Meteo -Online and additional data monitoritor 9.1700.98.100
Meteo- Online as demo-version incl. data monitor 9.1700.98.200

All products given above are delivered as CD-ROM.

Operating System: Windows 2000/XP/WIN7/ WINDOWS SERVER 2003/2008