Universal measuring system for measuring value acquisition, processing and information
(not only) for environmental protection.

The acquisition and processing of data from the most different environmental measuring systems require a safe filing, graphical display, further processing of compact data within word processing systems, transmission to other working places and so on. These are standard requirements of a modern software.

The measuring acquisition-, processing- and information system MEVIS covers the functions for implementing station processors, processors for measuring vehicles and meteorological network centres.

What is important with this software?

The Thies dataloggers supply all measured data for transmission, analysis, display and documentation.

Thies makes use of the software Mevis T-light, especially programmed for meteorological applications.

The program runs under WindowsTM. The user surface is well-known and easy-to- use. The measured values can also be processed in other programs.
In short: Mevis under Windows is a special software with common standard applications – thus easy to use.
The data acquisition- and visualisation program MEVIS is available in two versions:
MEVIS T-Light offers all essential functions, however for max. 5 stations. The so-called full-version Mevis feature an additional handling for up to 99 stations, as well as extensive text and graphic report functions, etc.


Connection PC-datalogger

  • Cable (99 stations) via all serial interfaces
  • Modem (max. 99 stations) via all serial interfaces


  • max. 30 components (channels)
  • mean values (sums)
  • extreme values

epending on the connected datalogger system MEVIS light can calculate and display the following additional values:

  • Linking (+-x./.)
  • Rel. humidity
  • Dew point
  • Absolute humidity
  • Mixing ration
  • Air pressure QFE, QFF, QNH
  • Evaporation acc. to Haude, Richter or Wendling
  • Wind-chill
  • Perceivable temperature
  • Sunshine duration
  • Wind velocity component
  • Daily mean temperature acc. to DWD/German Weather Service (from 3 or 4 values)
  • Flow at weirs acc. to Swiss Standard
  • Heating degree days
  • Sunshine
  • Direct solar radiation
  • Diffuse sky radiation
  • Sunshine duration from daily mean value of global radiation

Presentation of measuring values


  • Graphic 4 in 4 (four measuring values in four diagrams)
  • Graphic 4 in 1 (four measuring values in one diagram)
  • Diurnal cycle 4 in 1(four time-slice-mean value over one day in four diagrams)
  • Diurnal cycle 4 in 4 (four time-slice-mean values over one day in one diagram)
  • Correlation
  • Wind rose
  • Report


  • 4 channel list (display of four measuring values in a list with date and time)
  • extreme values
  • station list
  • report

Output of Graphics and Lists:

Via Windows driver and printer, plotter or in a file

Data export

  • dBase (dBase IV data bank file)
  • DVWK (special format for precipitation values)

System requirement:

  • Windows 2000, XP oder Win 7/8