Innovative and revolutionary automatic system for measuring the flow rate in a flue based on the simultaneous detection of the velocity values at each point of the measuring section in accordance with the specifications of the standard UNI EN ISO 16911-1. The system consists of the measurement and processing unit ISOCHECK MULTIPOINT and a particular sensor on which it is possible to mount up to 21 test probes (Darcy), the thermocouple and the static pressure socket. The probe is made of stainless steel and can reach the maximum length of 6 meters, connecting up to 3 support modules. The modular units are available in lengths of 1000, 1500 and 2000 mm.

  • 10” colour TOUCH display for display and programming
  • measured parameters: 7 temperatures, 21 differential pressures, 2 static pressures, barometric pressure
  • measurement integration and parameter logging at programmable intervals
  • automatic sensor zeroing
  • memory for data storage
  • USB interface for storage expansion and/or data download