This tiny GPS radiosonde without Temperature and Humidity sensors is the new advanced technology alternative to theodolite optical devices to perform Pilotsounding and developped by Meteomodem since 2013. No more troubles with ascent prediction and monitoring or even data quality, our reliable system enables accurate and relevant automatic measurement of Wind Direction, Wind speed, Pressure and Altitude. Allowing flight real time display as well as the automatic generation and transmission of messages and report.
This brand new and affordable product makes the measurement procedure easier while improving the data quality.

Main functionalities and advantages :

• Reliable operation up to 20 km altitude
• Altitude, speed and position measured every second
• Easy to install and to use
• Pilotsounding procedure simplified and easier
• Data consistency and accuracy with 3D GPS
• On/Off switch with GPS authorization of launch indicated on the radiosonde
• Ground receiver self powered (usb port of laptop), fitted to be operated on the field
• Edition of Pilot, BUFR, STANAG, or configurable layer levels… with automatic sending (by email, ftp, socket and even SMS…)
• Weight : 47 g
• Dedicated software allowing real time display (vertical profile of wind, trahectory, hodographs…) and HD resolution
• Printable tables and graphs
• Map tracking

Applications :

NHMSS : Pilot sounding
Military Forces : ballistic test, aeronautical weather information, sky diving pre flight test.
Aeronautic leisure activities : hot-air-balloon preflight test

References :

National met services
NATO Armed forces