SARA 800 Water IGW810



Spectroscopic Water Gamma Detector IGW6xx/8xx

From the SARA product series IGW6xx/8xx, the detector is fitted with a complete gamma spectroscopic measuring system, comprising a scintillation detector, MCA (multi-channel analyzer) and embedded PC, all integrated into a robust, hermetically sealed plastic housing. The nuclear spectra that are automatically measured and analyzed in the probe can be uploaded via a LAN interface. The detector is fully operational in water up to a depth of 500 metres.

  • Fast automatic detection of very low artificial radiation
  • Continuous acquisition of the gamma spectra at 10 minute intervals
  • In-situ isotope identification
  • Isotope-based alarm management
  • Extended gamma dose rate range with optional integrated Geiger-Mueller (IGW6x1/8×1)
  • Standardized data exchange according to ANSI N42.42 (XML based)
  • LAN interfaces
  • Web server for direct data access
  • Fully operational in water up to a depth of 500 metres (tested)