SELECT ONE and SELECT FOUR are compact systems designed to perform sequential sampling of total suspended particulate matter (TSP) and particulate matter (PM10, PM2,5 and PM1). Easy to carry, can be housed in OUTDOOR environments, because they are made of materials able to ensure adequate protection against atmospheric agents. The SELECT ONE consist of a single sampling line, while the SELECT FOUR include an automatic system to change filters which allow to sample sequentially 4 filters. The “cyclical” function allows to perform 24 hours sampling synchronizing filter change at midnight, allowing the retrieval of the sampled filter at any time of the following day. Both the instruments can be connected to an external electro valves system (SELECT 8) to sample the total suspended particulate matter (TSP) with an autonomy of 8 filters.

  • rotary pump (6 m3/h) – operating range: 5 ÷ 70 l/min
  • temperature sensors (environment, counter), pressure sensors (barometric and vacuum)
  • constant flow sampling of SPM, PM10, PM2,5 e PM1 according to European and American standards
  • GSM for alarm reporting (option)