Series 300 – Portable Indoor Gas Monitor




  • Very easy to use
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • One monitor to measure many indoor air pollutants
  • Changing sensors takes seconds and can be done anywhere
  • Recalibrate sensor in the field or by returning to the factory
  • Lithium battery allows a full 8 hours in the field
  • Large display gives min., max. and average readings
  • Alarms and analogue output for responding to events


  • Checking indoor air pollution “hotspots”
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Source and leak detection
  • Transboundary studies (indoor vs outdoor)

The Series 300 monitor is a versatile gas monitor with the ability to accurately measure a range of gases at different concentrations. The monitor can be fitted with any of the sensor heads listed on the Sensors tab. Sensor heads can be swapped quickly and easily, allowing one monitor to measure many different gases. It can also be configured to measure temperature and relative humidity by selecting the optional plug-in sensor.

Measured gases are displayed in ppm or mg/m3 on the large LCD display. The user is able to set and adjust low and high level alarms which trigger an audible alarm when the setpoint is reached. The user is also alerted by flashing arrows on the display.

A key feature of the Series 300 gas monitor is the ability to operate in control mode. Using the 0-5V output the Series 300 can be used to switch on or off an externally connected device or system in the presence of a predetermined level of gas. By selecting the optional wall-mount bracket and plugging in mains power the Series 300 is effectively able to act as a fixed monitor as well as a handheld portable device.

For those wanting to recalibrate in the field the Series 300 allows adjustment of zero and span. Together with the R42 Calibration Accessory and the appropriate calibration gas this function allows the sensor head to be fully recalibrated without having to return it to the factory. For more on calibrating the Series 300 click here.