The TDC1-PIR  traffic detector is a highly accurate traffic counter with radar-like speed accuracy, length based vehicle classification and ultra-low power consumption.  It has been specifically designed for applications where both power consumption and accurate data are the deciding factors.

  • Ultra-low power consumption≤ 60 mW, ideal for solar powered installations
  • Multi channel PIR detectionTotal of five detection zones
  • Vehicle classification by length3 standard classes, up to 5 vehicle classes possible (depending on customer length threshold setting)
  • Auto calibrationAuto calibration within recommended mounting distance from the centre of the observed lane using ADEC DET-Soft commissioning software
  • Wide mounting height rangeMounting height between 5.5 m and 18 m (max. offset 45° from detector’s mounting location to the centre of the observed lane), Application-dependent limitations apply.
  • Detection of standing vehicles
  • Detection of wrong-way drivers
  • Wide operating temperature range (–40 to +70°C |–40 to +158ºF)Optimal performance in all weather and climate conditions
  • Remote configuration and setupUsing DET-Soft commissioning and installation software