TDC3 Series



The TDC3 Series is a family of advanced traffic detectors using Doppler radar, ultrasound and passive infrared. Comprehensive traffic data for each passed vehicle, including individual vehicle class, speed, length, occupancy time and time gap, are provided via RS485.

    • Multi-technology detection
      Three independent physical detection principles
    • Standardized vehicle classification
      German TLS for 2, 2+1, 5+1 and 8+1 classes
    • Auto calibration
      Auto calibration within recommended mounting height above the lane with ADEC DET-Soft software
    • Detection of lane-changing vehicles and vehicles traveling between adjacent lanes (except TDC3-2)
    • Detection of standing vehicles / queues
    • Detection of wrong-way drivers
    • Wide operating temperature range (–40 to +70°C | –40 to +158ºF)
      Optimal performance in all weather and climate conditions
    • Remote configuration and setup
      With ADEC DET-Soft installation software