Quick Deploy Portable RAWS

Quick Deploy Portable RAWS

Weather Station Rapid Deployment FTS is the weather station used by the community more fire for prescribed burning and temporary monitoring applications. It offers the same sensors, telemetry and reliability that our fixed RAWS complete but in a portable form. It can be set completely in 15 minutes by one person without tools and without technical training. Its portability means you can put several on the first line and move quickly, as needed. It offers the same sensors and telemetry options such as fixed RAWS, and all components are interchangeable with fixed Raws.

Because it was designed for fire management professionals, the Quick Deploy is not like any other portable weather station. It is exceptionally durable – no plastic components, so that you may mistreat. We have also designed to be extremely easy to configure and work quickly every time, without any training, because we ship pre-configured according to your specifications and does not require a laptop or a GOES antenna alignment.


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