SMP11 Pyranometer Kipp&Zonen

SMP11 Pyranometer Kipp&Zonen

11 SMP pyranometer intelligent detection technology combines first class with a amplified digital and analog outputs, standard for the industry. Based on the successful technology of the CMP 11, the SMP 11 adds a Modbus® interface, improved response time and temperature data corrected. The power range of 5-30 VDC facilitates integration into meteorological stations. The SMP has a voltage surge protection, reverse polarity and short circuit. Since all SMPs have the same sensitivity and the same connections, exchange of the instruments for calibration is very effective.

Software for recording and displaying data is provided, and to establish the Modbus® communications.

SMP 11 has a field of view of 180 ° and measures the global solar radiation. It is ideal for solar radiation measurements in applications for Meteorology and Solar Energy requiring the Modbus protocol or amplified analog outputs.


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