Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service
The importance of a good maintenance program.

mantenimientoExtend the life of equipment and maintain the system in optimum operating conditions is the goal of any maintenance program. To achieve required periodic preventive maintenance services. A correct quality maintenance plans optimize the costs of corrective actions causing breakdowns are reduced and minor and less frequent.
In professional measurement systems as important as proper design, installation and operation is maintenance. DILUS offers three types of maintenance to its customers:

  • PREVENTIVE: Set of periodic reviews for conservation and monitoring facilities. It includes general inspection and cleaning of the system components, configuration check and verification of errors or deviations as well as the testing of measurements of different sensors with certified reference equipment. After servicing the report is delivered.
  • CORRECTIVE: Set of actions necessary to bring the facility to trouble-free operation if these exist. If there are damaged equipment will proceed to replacement or repair to make the system fully operational.

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