AGS Monitoring Station



Overview of Monitoring Stations

An important feature of our autonomous monitoring stations is their simple installation and operation, since no on-site infrastructure is required. Power supply takes place through solar cells or exclusively through batteries. Different communications media can be used for wireless data transmission. The following model range is available:

  • Autonomous Gamma Monitoring Station AGS421 (with GSM communication)
  • All models are available in different types.


    Type S is for stationary applications. This monitoring station can be fixed mounted on a solid underground or placed on an additional platform. This makes it suitable for permanent or temporary operation.


    Type M is for mobile applications. With its folding four leg mount and an integrated GPS-receiver for automatic localization, this type is for fast deployment in incidents, frequently in addition to fixed installed stations.


    Type F is for fixed installation using wall or pole mounting. Additional to the solar and battery power supply, a main power supply as option is possible. It is optimized for continuous operation.

  • Autonomous Gamma Monitoring Station AGS521 (with radio communication)