Datalogger DLx-MET



The powerful standard for Meteorology, Climatology and Environmental Technology.

Completely equipped, easy to operate.

   10 measuring channels (expandable)
 3 serial interfaces + USB
SD-memory card interface
DCF 77 radio clock connection
2 MB memory

   24 bit ADC
Low Power
Integrated solar controller
Switchable sensor supply
Firmware uploadable

The datalogger DLx-MET is a complete measuring system for the automatic data acquisition and storing of meteorological data (for ex. wind velocity, wind direction, temperature, precipitation, rel. air humidity, Dataloggerradiation etc.).

The instrument is to be operated easily via three keys or via the serial interface COM 1 and USB.
A three-line alphanumeric display (LCD) serves as indicator. The instrument is supplied by an integrated 12V-battery, and the operation is completely mains independent thanks to the special low power design with respective solar panel and integrated solar controller. An integrated transformer offers the operation at 115 V / 230 V power supply.

Three serial interfaces and one USB offer – beside the communication – also the connection of sensors with respective operation modes (RS232 or RS285). An extension of the available measuring channels is possible by the optional connection of a so-called sensor interface. It is used to possibly connect additional sensors with standard current – or voltage output (4-20 m A/0-10 V) to the system. The sensor interface will be integrated in the datalogger housing.

The data memory of 2 MB capacity, and the real time clock (RTC) are buffered by the integrated lithium battery even in case of power failure. If necessary, an optionally connectable DCF 77-receiver provides a high-precision time synchronization in most European countries . An integrated SD-card interface for standard cards serves there for the data transport, where a communication infrastructure is not available.

The sampling of the measuring values is carried out by an high-precise AD converter with 24 bit resolution, and is adjustable from one second to 60 minutes. The measuring and processing rate can be activated or deactivated separately for each measuring value. The measuring values are written into the buffered RAM memory with storing rates selectable from 1 to 60 minutes for mean values, and from 1minute to 6 hours for extreme values. The reading-out of the data may be done via COM 1or by means of SD card. Plausibility controls on all measuring channels ensure highest quality and reliability of measuring data.

Technical Data
The standard measuring value inputs of the DLx MET • 16 bit Counter for all THIES anemometers
• Serial-synchronous for all THIES wind direction sensors
• Incident for precipitation event or sunshine duration sensors
• 2 PT100 inputs
• 0-1 V for rel. humidity
• 0-5 V for ex. air pressure sensors
• 0-40 mV inputs for radiation sensors with calibration constant
• 0/4-20 mA for standard norm signal sensors
• 8 bit counter for precipitation sensors
• 3 serial interfaces (RS232, RS485) and USB
Further Thies sensors connectable to the RS485 bus • THIES Laser precipitation monitor LPM
• THIES-Ultrasonic-Anemometer 2D / 3D
• THIES-Sensor-Interface with 6 or 9 additional channels
A/D converter
RTC real time clock
DCF 77 radio clock
max. 24 bit resolution with differential inputs
with automatic leap year detection
optional DCF77-antenna for automatic time synchronization
Measuring cycle Selectable 1 second … 60 minutes
Storing cycle
– mean values
– extreme values
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60 min
like mean values, 2 h, 3 h, 4 h, and 6 h are additionally selectable for ex. from 10 sensors and 10 minutes mean values as well as 1 h extreme values follows a storing capacity of approx. 288 days.
Power supply
– Battery
– Solar panel
– Buffer battery
– Power supply
– Switchable sensor supply

12 V / 7 Ah voltage control
12 V / 20 W max. directly connectable
Lithium cell for buffering of data and clock
115 / 230 V, 100 VA controlled status of power supply
selectable via firmware in intervals from 1 … 30 seconds
Operating temperature
-30 … +60 °C
Stainless steel
IP 65
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