Digital Barometers MSB780 and MSB780X



Digital Barometer MSB780 developed and manufactured by MicroStep-MIS, is designed for use in professional meteorological and aviation applications that require reliable and highly accurate measurement, fast dynamic response, and advanced long-term stability.


Excellent total accuracy 0.15 hPa
Typical long-term stability better than ±0.05 hPa / year
Fast dynamic response
Fully temperature compensated
Digital output
1 to 3 transducers
Digital Barometer MSB780 is built to withstand even the most challenging environmental conditions, which are often faced in various environmental monitoring applications.

Barometer MSB780 is a low power consumption microprocessor controlled sensor suitable also for solar and battery powered applications. Barometer is operable in temperature range from -50 °C to +80 °C. The excitation range is from 5 to 35 V DC.

MSB780 is a robust product made of durable hardware components enclosed in heavy-duty metal IP66 enclosure. This barometer comes factory calibrated with a manufacturer calibration certificate.

Digital Barometer MSB780X

MSB780X is extended version of MSB780. It features pressure transducer of the same premium quality as MSB780, but allows using also two and three pressure transducers in one unit. MSB780X comes also in a brand new design with touchscreen display option.