Screenshot LNM View

PC – programm LNM View



The LNM – View program is used to display data generated by the Thies Laser Precipitation Monitor. The program can not only archive the data transmitted from the LNM but also present it in a graphics display. The user-friendly design of the operating interface means that it is very simple to analyse all data records transmitted by the LNM.

The program has, amongst others, the following features:

  • To govern any number of LNM-instruments in one project
  • Client- Server architecture to the central data acquisition and remote visualization
  • Installation in the network possible
  • Graphic display of more than 30 different measuring values, such as for ex. type of precipitation, precipitation quantity, radar reflectivity, display of the precipitation spectrum in 22 size ranges, and 20 velocity ranges
  • Data export in Microsoft EXCEL
  • Printing of several graphics
  • Data display as calendar or tree-format
  • Calculation and display of the ZR-diagram over any period.
  • Display of data from external sensors, such as wind velocity, wind direction
  • Display of internal diagnostic data

Operating System

Windows 2000, Win XP, Win 7