Precipitation sensor



with analogue intensity output
New developed unit for the economical regulation of precipitation intensities basing on the proven maintenance-free optical technology.
Precipitation sensor
Range of application:
Facility protection
Artificial irrigation / Irrigation control
Control of intensity and quantity of precipitation events
Flood control measuring / Flood protection
Aquaplaning protection

The precipitation sensor serves as measuring instrument for the determination of the instantaneous precipitation intensities (mm precipitation / min.). By integration of the precipitation intensities, the precipitation quantity can be calculated, as well. Control- and warning signals can be derived from the precipitation intensity. The measuring signal output is an intensity-dependent analogue current value. The whole measurement range is divided into 4 linear characteristic segments, which shows a tenth of the slope of the more sensitive segment. Thus, it is possible to represent an intensity range from approx. 0,001mm/min. (light drizzle) up to 10 mm/min. (extremely heavy rain) with reasonable resolution (quasi-logarithmic output).

Mode of Operation
Precipitation in the form of drizzle, rain, snow, or hail falls through a light band, induced by light diodes, and lead to shadowing effects on the receiving side. The sent light is pulse-modulated so that outside light effects cannot falsify the measurement results. The instrument is equipped with a heating system for extreme weather condition. This avoids ice and snow forming on the housing surface. In addition, the surface retains a temperature of >0° by means of a regulated heating.

Measuring Value Precipitation intensity
Measuring range 0 – 0,01 mm / min >> 4,0 – 8,0mA
0,01 – 0,1 mm / min >> 8,0 – 12,0 mA
0,1 – 1,0 mm / min >> 12,0 – 16,0 mA
1,0 – 10 mm / min >> 16,0 – 20,0 mA
Output constant current, depending on measuring value, between 4,0mA and 20,0mA
Active sensor surface 25 cm²
Minimum drop size 0,2 mm
Operating voltage 24 V AC/DC ± 15 %
Operating current approx. 90 mA
Heating current max. 1A
Ambient temperature -25 … +55°C
Protection IP 65 acc. to DIN 40050
IEC 61000-6-2: 2005 Electromagnetic compatibility
Immunity for industrial environment
IEC 61000-6-3: 2006 Electromagnetic compatibility
Emission standard for residential, commercial and light industrial environments
IEC 61010-1: 2001 Safety requirements for electrical equipment for measurement, control and laboratory use.
Part 1: General requirements
Weight 0,4 kg