Precipitation Transmitter/ Ombrometer with analogue output



Analogue output.
with intensity-dependent linearization.

The instrument serves as measuring value sensor for precipitation quantity and intensity for the analogue measuring value transmission. The measuring principle is based on the description of the “Guide to Meteorological Instruments No. 8” of the WMO. The tipping procedures of a tipping bucket are detected by a contact and output via electronics as impulses for further processing.
The following output functions are selectable:
The analogue output is available as sum value proportionally to the precipitation impulses. Here, the analogue value is automatically reset to 0 mm precipitation in case of measuring range exceeding, or by an external impulse.
The analogue output can be delivered as gliding sum value over a selectable time
(10/60 min., 6/24 h).

Order-No., w/o heating, with heating 49 W; 24V AC/DC
5.4033.xx.040, 0 … 20 mA (<500 Ω)
5.4033.xx.041, 4 … 20 mA (<500 Ω)
5.4033.xx.073, 0 … 5 V
5.4033.xx.061, 0 … 10 V
Measuring range Selectable 10/20/25/50 mm precipitation
Collecting area 200 cm²
Resolution 0,1 mm precipitation
Intensity max. 11 mm/min.
Measuring principle tipping-bucket
Electrical output Impulses
Ambient temperature    0… +60°C w/o heating
-25… +60°C with heating
Supply electronics 10 (14 for 10V output)… 28 V DC
Heating 24 V AC/DC
Housing Stainless steal, non-corrosive
Mounting onto mast tube Ø 50 mm
Dimensions Ø 186 x 445 mm
Weight 3,3 kg