Rain Monitor



The rain monitor is designed to act as a sensor detecting the start and end of precipitation. It is used as a status indicator or sensor for controlling downstream safety devices (control units) protecting windows, ventilation flaps, sunblinds, awnings, etc. The sensor area takes the form of a capacitor on glass-coated ceramic. Glass passivation ensures that the rain monitor is extremely environment-resistant as well as robust while offering good long-term stability and resistance to aggressive media.

Mode of Operation

Whenever precipitation strikes the rain monitor and wets the sensor surface, this changes the
capacitance of the surface, so triggering a switching signal, i.e. wetting of the sensor surface
signals the precipitation status «yes».
To protect the sensor surface from bedewing and icing-up, it is heated to an overtemperature of
approx. 2 K.
When the sensor surface is wetted, it is adjusted to approx. 10 K above the ambient temperature,
so ensuring fast faster drying. Once it has dried, the device switches to the precipitation status «no».

5.4106.00.000 Semiconductor relay, Type: normally open
5.4106.00.100 Semiconductor relay, Type: Changeover
Technical Data
Measuring value Precipitation (yes / no)
Precipitation «no» = Relay is switched on
Precipitation «yes» = Relay is switched off
Sensor «off» = Relay is switched off
Signal output Semiconductor relay, Potential-free, electrically isolated,
metallically separated
Relay- contact voltage max. 26 VAC / 36 VDC, max. 0,5 A (cos φ > 0.9),
0,2 A (cos φ = 0.4)
Switch-on delay < 0.5 s Signal- Output, 15 s Heating
Operating voltage 11…28 VAC oder 11…32 VDC (max. 0,75A) Verpolungsschutz
Current consumption Heating off: < 15 mA
Heating on:
max. 0.35 A (@ 11…12 VAC operating voltage)
max. 0.75 A (@ 12…27 VAC operating voltage)
max. 0.3 A (@ 27…32 VAC operating voltage)
Sensor area 18 cm²
Sensitivity Approx. 0,2 mm/h
Ambient temperature -30…+60°C
Protection IP 66 acc. to DIN 40050
Weight Approx. 150 g
Material Housing: Polycarbonate (PC), UV-stabilised, white (RAL 9010)
Sensor: Ceramic (aluminum oxide AL2O3), glass-coated
Fixing kit: Stainless steel 1.4301 for pole mounting.
Connection 5.4106.00.000
Cable, non-detachable, type: LiYY 4 x 0.25mm², 3m long
Cable, non-detachable, type: LiYY 5 x 0.14mm², 3m long