Series 200 – Portable Indoor Multi Gas Detector




  • Very easy to use
  • Fits comfortably in the hand
  • One monitor to measure many gaseous pollutants
  • Compatible with 30 different sensors
  • Changing sensors takes seconds and can be done anywhere
  • To recalibrate simply send the sensor back to the factory
  • Long life lithium battery technology
  • Large display gives min., max. and average readings


  • Checking indoor air pollution “hotspots”
  • Personal exposure monitoring
  • Source and leak detection

The Series 200 Multi Gas Detector is a cost-effective portable monitor that can accurately measure a range of gases commonly found in indoor or industrial environments. It is an entry level monitor designed for carrying out spot checks of problem areas, personal exposure monitoring, and identifying leaks.

The display can be configured to show the real-time gas concentrations or to display the minimum, maximum and average readings. Users can also carry out a zero baseline adjustment which ensures more accurate measurements in between calibrations.

All sensors feature active fan-driven sampling and come loaded with advanced signal processing firmware.

The Series 200 Multi Gas Detector can be fitted with any of the sensor heads listed on the Sensors tab. Because the calibration data is stored in the sensor head, the process of swapping sensor heads is extremely quick and can be done by anyone anywhere. It also makes recalibration and servicing easy – simply return the sensor head to the factory or purchase a new one.

A lithium battery allows for a full day in the field and quickly recharges when the battery has been depleted.