ultrasonic compact

Ultrasonic Anemometer compact



The Ultrasonic Anemometer compact serves for the 2-dimensional acquisition of the horizontal components of the wind velocity, the wind direction and of the acoustic-virtual temperature.

The instrument is particularly suited for the use in the fields of

• Industry automation
• Traffic engineering, aviation and navigation
• Regenerative energy production, wind energy plant
• Meteorology
• Climatology
• Wind warning devices, building construction and building   security

The following measuring values are available

• Orthogonal wind velocity vectors (X- and Y-distance)
• Scalar/vectorial wind velocity, wind direction
• Acoustic-virtual temperature
• NMEA data protocol
• Analogue data output

The measurement principle allows, compared to the classic anemometers, an inertia-free measurement of running variable dimensions with highest precision and accuracy.
The measuring values can be output digitally and/or in analogue form.
The serial or analogue output of the data is carried out alternatively as instantaneous value or as gliding mean value with selectable time frame.
If necessary, the instrument is automatically heated in case of critical ambient temperatures.
The possibility of malfunction, caused by icing, is minimized. The sensor arms and the ultrasonic sensors are heated

Order-No. 4.3875.0x.xxx
Wind velocity
Measuring range 0-65 m/s
Resolution 0,1 m/s (standard)< 0,1 m/s (user-defined)
Accuracy ±0,2 m/s rms (@ < 5 m/s); ±2% rms (> 5 m/s)
Measuring range 0-360°
Resolution 1° (standard); < 1° (user-defined)
Accuracy ± 2 K
Data output digital
Interface RS 485 / 422
Baud rate 1200-921600
Output Instantaneous value, mean value
Output rate 1 per 10 msec. to 1 per 10 sec.
Status recognition Heating, measurement section failure, distance-temperature
Data output analogue in half-duplex operation
Electr. Output for WV, WD 0-20 mA / 0-5 V /0-10 V or
4-20 mA / 2-5 V / 2-10 V
Load current output max. 300 Ω
Load Voltage output min. 2000 Ω
Resolution 16 bit
Bus operation up to 99 devices
Operating voltage    electronics 8-36 V DC or 24 V AC/1,2 VA
Operating voltage    with heating 24 V AC/DC, max. 250 VA
Electr. connection 8 pole plug
Housing material Anodized aluminium, seawater-proof
Protection IP 65
Dimensions Ø 200 x 129 mm
Weight approx. 2 kg